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Here at Gray Studios, we are a DIFFERENT kind of acting school. We treat classes as a REAL audition. NO MORE than 12-14 people in one class, get scenes the night before to be prepared for the "casting director." This is a fast paced, VERY challenging & VERY realistic way of teaching. Be prepared to BOOK! We are known for our showcases where more than half of our student body has gotten signed!! People stay to work on their craft and BOOK! .

"Gray Studios consistently produces talented actors and entertaining showcases. They're top notch!"
Jeremy Gordon - CSA

"I have taken a bunch of acting classes and have never lasted more than a month or two in any of them, but I was in Shanelle and David's class for a few years and going to them was one of the best decisions of my life. Shanelle and David are both extremely talented actors and people who have experience about the business and they taught me a lot. And I've never had so much fun being in a class!"

- Tyler Posey
"Scott McCall" in MTV's Teen Wolf
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Our instructors have a combined 40+ years experience working with students to perfect their artistic craft.
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A variety of classes are available to meet your acting needs. Pick and choose from Audition Technique to Casting Director Workshops. Or perfect your Voice Over and Animation skills; all under one roof.


We're teaching classes all week long from Los Angeles to Orange County. Find out what classes fit your agenda
"Gray Studios has impressed me on a very consistent basis. Their style in coaching has truly advanced over time and clients of mine whom have studied with them have had incredible results. I highly recommend them to not only beginner actors but also to those who are advanced as they fine tune and bring that unique difference to the talents personal performance."
- Julie Fulop - Agent at AKA

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